Introduced to waxing by a friend, Hilda came up with the idea to make her own sugar wax.

In 2006, after months of trial and error, she was able to produce, with all-natural ingredients, the perfect sugar wax recipe.

Strip Tease  Cold Sugar Wax is the first Filipino-made product of its kind introduced in the market, and remains unmatched in quality and consistency.

here is her story...

"Unwanted hair has always been a problem for me and my sisters.  We've tried different methods of hair removal; shaving and tweezing until we were introduced to waxing by a friend who owns a beauty salon. 


Waxing sessions in a salon were quite expensive. Not to mention the hassle of leaving the house, and waiting in line to get it done.  We opted to just buy ready-made wax available in stores, which to our dismay, didn't work either. Some had to be heated, some had the strong smell of chemicals that we were afraid would harm our sensitive skin, and others just didn't work at all."

The Beginning

The Process

"I did some research, and experimented on various recipes to help us create our own. In 2006, I went to visit my sister in Canada and luckily i met a friendly "kababayan" who happens to work in a waxing salon there and taught me more about the sugar wax; the ingredients are all natural which made it more interesting.

It didn't come easy as I found out that the consistency of the wax is very different in the cool weather of Canada from the hot and humid climate in Manila. After months of trial and error, and plenty of frustrations, I finally came up with the perfect consistency – my very own concoction of the sugar wax hair remover."

The Business

"The product was initially made for personal use, but it was so good that we wanted to share it with our friends, so we started giving it out as gifts. They too loved the product and started ordering for their own relatives and friends. This was how the business began, and  Strip Tease    cold sugar wax was born."