With waxing, hair is removed from the roots, so it takes longer to regrow. Regrowth takes around 2-4 weeks depending on how heavy your hair normally is. Any hair appearing before this is not regrowth, but hair which was not visible, or too short for removal when waxed.  Waxing slowly reduces the growth of hair; so the more often you wax, hair regrowth will appear much parser, softer, and finer.


Waxing exfoliates the skin while removing hair, dead skin cells, and impurities are removed too, thus leaving skin soft, smooth, and clean.


Strip Tease Cold Sugar Wax is completely water soluble, so it rinses away instantly with  water.

The best part about being able to wax yourself is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Once you learn how to wax yourself, you will never want to do it any other way ever again! 

So start right now and discover the beauty of waxing with Strip Tease Cold Sugar Wax.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!


  • A tub of  StripTease sugar wax

  • Easy-to-follow instruction sheet

  • Spatula (applicator)

  • Strips

Available in 100g, 200g and 350g



To get the maximum waxing effect, make sure the area to be waxed is dry and free from oil, dirt and sweat. Powder lightly if skin is oily, then brush off powder completely.

  • Apply Strip Tease wax to your skin with the wooden spatula in the direction of hair growth.

  • Take a cloth strip, press it down firmly onto the waxed area and rub 2-3 times in the direction of hair growth.

  • Pull the strip back sharply in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Do not lift the strip up or out, but rather pull back as close to the skin as possible.

  • If a few stray hairs remain, rewax them or tweeze them.

  • Wipe the skin with a cold moist cloth or towel afterwards to remove excess wax.


You may notice that your skin has turned red, or that you have tiny bumps on the skin immediately after waxing. This is a normal reaction, and the redness and bumps should disappear within an hour. As with any wax treatment, some discomfort may be experienced. On the legs & bikini line areas, for lesser discomfort, try this other technique; this may not be applicable stubborn hair though.

  • Instead of applying Strip Tease wax directly to the hair, apply it directly to the cloth strip; press it firmly onto the area to be waxed; rub it 2-3 times in the direction of hair growth then yank it swiftly in the opposite direction of the hair growth.


You may reuse the same cloth strip with the residual wax on the same or other areas of the body to be waxed until it loses its grip.




  • Regardless of where you want to wax, do not attempt to do large areas at once.

  • Previously shaved hair is strong & resistant. Wait until hair is ¼ inch long before first use.

  • In the bikini area, hair should not be any longer than ½ inch to avoid tangling and discomfort. We suggest trimming the hair with scissors first before applying the wax.

  • Always check the direction of hair growth before beginning. Note that on some parts of the body, hair may grow in more than one direction, some in a swirling pattern. Follow the direction of the hair’s growth pattern, carefully removing the irregular patches first. .

  • When placing the cloth strip over the wax-coated area, leave a small space at the end of the strip for pulling.

  • If strip is removed too slowly, it is possible that wax will remain on the skin and hair will not come off.

  • Have a damp cloth handy for cleaning hands during process.

  • The provided wooden spatula and cloth strips are reusable. Just soak in water to dissolve the wax off and let dry.

  • Strip Tease wax is designed to be handy and ready to use, so heating is not required. However, if you prefer to warm it, you can do so by heating it in a microwave oven, be absolutely sure though that the wax is just warm to the touch not hot; otherwise it might scald your skin.

  • Do not use alcohol, astringent or deodorant right after waxing.

  • Do not use on broken and irritated skin.

  • Because of its honey and sugar component, wax attracts ants; so tightly seal wax container after use.